Mazunte & San Agustinillo’s beaches in Oaxaca have become one of the favorite places for tourists around the world thanks to the beauty of their beaches, the incredible natural environments from the Pacific coast, people’s warmth and simplicity and due to the enormous variety of choices at anyone’s disposal. 

And both of these hidden treasures of the planet aren’t just Magical Towns ‘Pueblos Magicos’ for tourists, there’s also a remarkable fishing community that make their living selling mollusks (purple snails, oysters, clams); fishes (tunas, billfishes, goldfish and sharks); crustaceans (lobsters) and sea turtles to all visitors. A region that sustains itself thanks to its commitment to the environment and the sustainable development existent since 30 years ago.

So if you’re looking to get out of those common crowded places on your next vacation season, willing to explore new horizons, plus staying active and having lots of fun, check out this traveler’s guide that we’ve made for you.


Mazunte’s main beach is always on top for amateur and pro surfers due to its incredible waves that makes it just perfect for practicing and mastering your skills. But if extreme waves and the adrenaline are not exactly your thing, you can go for the skimboarding that takes place over a shorter and wider board at the shore of the beach. There’s also another alternative way more calmed called paddle boarding that goes rowing (paddling) over a small board while standing, usually takes place at sunrise or sunset, which makes it perfect for couples looking for some romantic and special moments.

Jazz Festival

Each November, within Mexico’s national conservation week, a jazz festival take place over three/four days, where international and local acts have played together, all with incredible talent. But not only that, you will find dance shows, plastic arts, environmental conservation workshops, turtle releasings and many more, but the best of all is that everything’s for free! Ideal for those who love music and arts.

Punta Cometa

Just 30 mins away from San Agustinillo exists an old road made of rocks that leads to a Cliff well know as Punta Cometa. This little peninsula, is not only the perfect place to watch a sunrise or a sunset, but also holds the secret for another virgin beach called Mermejita, the best place to behold an incredible sea view from the Pacific coast. 

Turtle Museum

Just a few steps from San Agustinillo’s beach you can find The Mexican Turtle Center, a small sanctuary-museum for turtles. The musuem isn’t jut for turtle conservation, but also promotes ecotourism in the area and the best season to see the spawning ocurrs from July to December, so you are just in time for to behold this amazing moment in the animal life.

Mazunte’s natural make up

There’s a community Project called Mazunte’s Natural Make up that sells organic make up, made from local families with natural material and resources available only in this region. Here you can find a variety of products from aromatic soaps, shampoos, natural oils, lip balm, body oils and even sunscreens. This is, no question a great alternative model of sustainable development for local towns and villagers. It is worth mentioning that this company was successful with the sponsorship of the british company The Body Shop, as well as the support from Standford university, IPN and UNAM colleges from Mexico, whose help in the creation, industrial design, knowledge of local products and the realization of cosmetics was of a major impact for everyone involved in this project.

La Mezcalería

This place is very famous among all visitors thanks to its wide  beverage repertoire and an irresistible offer: Free mezcal tasting! (But only until 11 pm). Best thing from here is that you can find any kind of mezcal; from light and delicious creams to the strongest distillates accompanied by a scorpion. And if that wasn’t enough, there’s a small music stage for international and local bands that move from jazz, salsa, bossa nova and reggae music. 

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