Visiting Mazunte is like being in paradise. Walking along the seashore while listening to the birds singing is an experience that you have to live. Mazunte is a “Pueblo Mágico” (Magical Town) and have a semi virgin beach; this is one of tourists favorite destinations. Here we present to you 10 activities that you can perform on your next visit:

  1. Experience the turtles release 

A few miles from Mazunte, you’ll find the Mexican Turtle Center and Escobilla beach, where you can see the arrival of hundreds of thousand-year-old turtles to spawn and continue their way in the depths of the sea. The Mexican Turtle Center has different activities and tours to live the experience of helping the turtle release; one of the most amazing shows you’ll experience.

2. Enjoy the sunset in Punta Cometa

At the western end of Mazunte is Punta Cometa, the most outstanding mountain in the Pacific. Its perfect location allows to contemplate the unforgettable sunsets and sunrises. So do not forget to bring your camera so you can capture the perfect pic! To arrive, you must do 20 minutes walk; once you reach the top, be prepared to relax and contemplate a memorable sight.

3. Have fun at the International Jazz Festival

Every year, Mazunte dresses up to host the most important forum in the promotion of jazz in Mexico: the International Jazz Festival. It takes place the third week of November and aside jazz music, you’ll find trova, reggae and rock artists, who convey all their assistants with energy. In addition, there are paint, crafts, gastronomy, dance exhibitions and multiple activities for you to enjoy the jazz festival with your partner or friends.

4. Surf on Mazunte’s waves

If you practice water activities, San Agustinillo beach is ideal for surfing, as its strong waves will allow you to challenge your limits. So get on a skimboard and catch the biggest wave; I bet you’ll want to stay forever in Mazunte. If you do not have a surfboard, you can rent equipment there.

5. Buy natural cosmetics

Mazunte is an ecological and sustainable destination, so it is inevitable to not visit the Cosmetics Factory. Here you will find a wide variety of oils, balms, soaps or creams. In addition, if you buy a product, you will help the local economy and the environment.

6. To practice yoga

For those travelers seeking peace of mind and physical well-being, Mazunte is the perfect place for practicing yoga and finding itself. You can do it at the beach, while you enjoy the sea breeze and the birds singing. Doing meditation in Mazunte is a unique immersion of nature with your soul

7. Ecotourism in La Ventanilla

La Ventanilla is a place dedicated to the conservation of the nature and environment. Every day there are boat tours through the mangroves, where you can see crocodiles, iguanas, birds and some endangered species. La Ventanilla has a turtle camp, a crocodile museum and a deer farm

Vía: La Ventanilla

8. Wander the beautiful beaches of Oaxaca

Mazunte is very close to the beautiful beaches of San Agustinillo, Zipolite (nudist beach), Huatulco bays and Puerto Escondido, which are perfect for swimming, surfing, snorkeling or enjoying a romantic evening under the moonlight.

In any of these Pacific beaches of Oaxaca you will be amazed by its biodiversity and impressive natural landscapes

9. Enjoy a boat trip along the cost

Enjoy with your friends or partner a boat trip by the beautiful bay of Mazunte. During the tour, you can contemplate the tranquility of the Pacific Ocean and some marine beauties such as dolphins, whales and stingrays. If the weather is good, you can get off the boat to rest or to take a photo in the incredible reefs.

10. Delight yourself with the Oaxacan cuisine

You cannot leave Mazunte without trying their delicious food. From fish and seafood to a wide variety of dishes made with local ingredients and recipes from the region. Here, forget about mole and tlayudas, because the trend is towards the organic, sustainable and healthy; The most important thing is that is local and exquisite

Mazunte es un lugar con encanto que te envuelve en su naturaleza y sus hermosas playas. Su atmósfera relajada y atardeceres inolvidables hacen de este lugar, un paraíso terrenal. 

¿Qué esperas para visitar Mazunte?