With more than 300 miles of beautiful coasts and beaches, Oaxaca has become one of the most affluent areas for surfers from all over the world, and all thanks to the ideal conditions that this place holds, like strong and incredible waves, amazing environment and perfect weather to perform this extreme sport in all levels, from small and smooth waves for beginners to great walls that will test your abilities as a pro.

Even if the main season of the year for surfers is between April and October, throughout all the year you can enjoy different activities according to the temporality so you won’t have to fight to find something cool to do, something amazing to discover or to visit in your stay.

That’s why we commend ourselves to do this list with all the best places from Oaxacan Coast to do surfing, where you can learn and practice all you need to become one of the best surfers of the world.

1. La Punta, Puerto Escondido

Right at the south end of Puerto’s Zicatela beach, you’ll find the break of La Punta. This left-hand pointbreak peels around the headland providing great walls for beginner surfers as it peels slowly from take-off, allowing you plenty of time down the line to practice some turns before speeding up as it reaches the inside. 

2. Salina Cruz

Apart from being the perfect place to do some surfing, this area is very special due to the several activities that the city of Salina Cruz has to offer to all visitants, especially when it comes to night life, those places will definitely blow you and your friends’ minds out.

Located at Brasil Beach, just in the middle of Punta Conejo and Punta Chivo (another two places for surf lovers), and just a few drive hours from Huatulco, is called Las Palmas Surf Camp which make this part of the coast an excellent option if you’re looking for privacy and a far-from-society place.

3. Zicatela

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4. Mazunte

Just a few hours from Puerto Escondido you can find one of the best kept secrets of Oaxaca: Mazunte, according to many tourists to be the most beautiful beach of this region due to its crystalline and slow moving waters. A lot of surfing enthusiasts got here year by year to start practicing as most of the waves take off really slowly and they’re not too big for beginners, that along has made this beach to be declared as the perfect place to learn to surf properly.

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