Mazunte, Oaxaca, is one of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico. Its perfect fusion between quietness and nature make this place a mystical and charming space. Being in Mazunte is getting wrapped in its golden sand and crystal clear waters to enjoy its beautiful sunsets and delight in its gastronomy. Besides walking along the beach and feeling the sea breeze, Mazunte offers the opportunity to live a unique experience: the release of sea turtles.

Just a few km from Mazunte, you’ll find Escobilla beach, also known as “Playa Tortuguera” since from July to December, it is possible to observe the arrival of more than 100 thousand millenary turtles to spawn and then, to continue on their way yo the depths of the sea.

These thousand of turtles move slowly over the fine white sand, tha same sand that saw them be born. Thanks to the blue tones of the sea, the arrival of this species is more visible, becoming a wonderful and surprising sight show.

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Witnessing the release of the sea turtle is an experience that only in few places can be seen, so it has become an attraction for all the people who visit Mazunte, who contemplate the walking of the turtles until they start their way to the ocean.

To contribute to the preservation of these species, there is the Mexican Turtle Center (CMT in spanish), which is located in Mazunte beach and is considered one of the most important places for the promotion and conservation of turtles. Here, you can see 3 of the 8 species of sea turtles that are in the world, 9 freshwater turtles and 2 land turtles, which are in spaces predator free.

Under the slogan “To know to preserve”, this turtle place offers tours for visitors to learn how and where sea turtles are born, know the details of their habitat, and have contact with them. In addition, for those who wish to obtain more information about this species, a turtle camp is offered for long trips on the beach, so not everyone can go; those who are interested should complete an application and stay at the center for at least one month before leaving for field practices.

Living the experience of helping to preserve one of the most vulnerable species, and marveling at its slow walk along the shore of the beach until they dive in for the first time in the sea to begin their journey, without a doubt, is a worthy experience

Do not miss this experience!

Come to Mazunte and enjoy like never before releasing turtles.