Playa Mazunte is one of the most beautiful places in Mexico. Its soft golden sand combined with turquoise waters make any visitor to fall in love. Thanks to its relaxed and mystical atmosphere, Mazunte is the perfect place to connect with nature; if you are thinking of visiting Mazunte, we recommend you 5 places you should visit in this beautiful beach:

  1. Punta Cometa, sacred hill 

At the most outstanding point of the Pacific, is located Punta Cometa, a place that has become the travelers favorite not only for its dawns and breathtaking sunsets, but for its virgin beach, Mermejita, which is perfect for walking on its soft black sand. If you plan to go to the sea, be careful, as its waves are strong

How to get there?

Punta Cometa is located only 2 km away from Mazunte and to get there you must walk through a wooded and full of trees, where you can marvel with nature.

  1. Zipolite beach  


Zipolite, which in Zapotec means “beach of the dead”, is one of the most beautiful beaches in Oaxaca. This luminous beach is 100% nudist and is the most visited by European tourists, who take off their swimsuit to wrap themselves in the rays of sun.

Besides enjoying its golden sand and crystal clear water, you can practice a lot of activities such as diving and fishing or, at night, get into a bohemian atmosphere in one of the bars that are located on the main street. Zipolite Beach is ideal to experience a feeling of fullness and well-being

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How to get there?

Zipolite is only 5 minutes away from Mazunte, near Puerto Ángel, you can get there by car or walking

  1. Turtle Museum

The Turtle Mexican Center or Turtle Museum is one of the most visited and important tourist centers in Mazunte, since you can meet different species of turtles very closely; a unique place that worth visiting.

The turtle center lodges 3 of the 8 species of sea turtles, 9 freshwater turtles and 2 tortoises, and daily offers tours for visitors to obtain more information about them. Also, it has a turtle camp.

How to get there?

El Turtle museum is on the Puerto Ángel highway, on the 10th kilometer, only a few meters from Mazunte; you can get there by car or walking.

  1. La Ventanilla, crocodile sanctuary

Very close to Mazunte is a lagoon full of mangroves and crocodiles: La Ventanilla is ideal for ecotourism lovers as it offers tours by boat to admire species such as crocodiles, iguanas, herons, storks and ducks, who with their song break the silence of the lagoon, while the sun is rising.

La Ventanilla has a deer farm and a crocodile museum, where they have newborn reptiles for their conservation and release.

Vía: La Ventanilla

How to get there?

La Ventanilla is 3 km from Mazunte, in Santa María Tonameca. You can access by public transport or vehicle, taking the Mazunte highway

  1. Puerto Ángel

Puerto Ángel is a small horseshoe-shaped bay with an incomparable beauty. Its soft golden sand beaches are surrounded by boulders, which protects them from the open sea in order to swim safely. Its great variety of marine fauna makes it the perfect place for diving and snorkeling lovers.

Among the activities that can be done are: fishing, sailing in the bay, eating seafood in the different restaurants that are in the harbor or simply enjoy taking a walk.

How to get there?

Puerto Ángel is located 25 minutes away from Mazunte, just after Zipolite beach

Come and enjoy everything that Mazunte has for you!