National and foreign tourists get lost in the nature and tranquility of this magical town to enjoy intimate moments full of peace.

No matter if it’s a long vacation or just a weekend, Mazunte is the perfect place to see beautiful sunsets and connect with nature.

Punta Cometa, a sacred place

At the western end of Mazunte, there is a half moon that forms the most outstanding mountain of the South Pacific: Punta Comenta, also known as Sacred Hill. Its perfect location allows you to have a panoramic view of the sky and the sea to witness beautiful sunrises and unforgettable sunsets.

Its virgin beach, Mermejita, its visitors favorite for its strong waves and soft sand of almost black color, which fascinates anybody. In addition, from December to March, you can observe the arrival of hundreds of whales and migratory birds like pelicans, an impressive sight.

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To get to Punta Cometa it is necessary to walk for 15 minutes (approx.) through a wooded land full of trees always accompanied by the sound of native birds, which invites you to stop for a moment to enjoy nature and wonders

Once you get to Punta a Cometa, it is essential to contemplate the magnificent view, listen to the sound of the waves that break with the rocks and feel how the wind touches your skin.

Visiting Mazunte is a delight for the senses, aside from its wonderful sunsets, it has aquatic activities such as surfing or skimboarding, sea turtle release, jazz festival, as well as ecotourism and adventure activities. Or simply, you can tour the place by bike or walking to gather with the locals and learn a little more about this magical town.

Without a doubt, Mazunte has beautiful places and everything you need to fall in love with it.

What are you waiting to visit? Come and let yourself be seduced by Mazunte