If you’re a lover of eco-tourism, of enjoying nature in a place that cares about the environment, then a visit to Mazunte, Oaxaca is a must. A small, charming, coastal Oaxacan town, within a short distance to other beaches such as Huatulco and Puerto Escondido, it has everything you need for an amazing vacation. 

Mazunte combines a stunning rainforest setting with the natural beauty of its beaches, providing a friendly and picturesque environment with unforgettable sunsets that are sure to blow you away. It is not only unique because of the majesty of its landscapes, but because it is a destination that bets on sustainable tourism by focusing on the preservation of flora and fauna. Mazunte has numerous eco programs, such as releasing the turtles, crocodile conservation at the eco-tourism center ‘La Ventanilla´, and the elaboration of natural cosmetics products to promote sustainable development, at the Natural Cosmetics Factory.

ZOA Hotel Secreto Mazunte Oaxaca
Source: Zona Turística

Just 3 minutes away, you will find a place called the Co-operative of Natural Products Mazunte,a community company that cares about the local needs of the place and people. Here, you will find products such as soaps, shampoos, cosmetics, moisturizers, reductive gels, amongst other cosmetics; and, if you wish, they offer a guided walk through the village with some special tourist recommendations.

If you have doubts about buying natural cosmetics, here is a list with some of the benefits.

  1. They adapt to all skintypes, providing protection and leaving a silky finish on your skin.
  2. They do not contain synthetic or preservative aromas.
  3. The manufacturing process does not cause chemical residues that harm the environment.
  4. They have no side effects, no allergic reactions, redness or other irritations.
  5. You don’t need to apply too much! With just a little bit of product you will get the same results as you would when using conventional cosmetics.

Today, natural cosmetics have been gradually growing ever more popular for these reasons. Not only are these products kind to the environment and your health, they also contain natural ingredients that are beneficial for the care of hair, nails and skin.

ZOA Hotel Secreto Mazunte Oaxaca
Source: Zona Turística

There are many activities to do in Mazunte, from ecological walks, tours of La Ventanilla to see the mangroves, be part of the releasing of baby turtles, visiting Punta Cometa or just walk along the beach and enjoying a spectacular sunset. Whatever your plan, don’t leave without visiting the Cosmetics Factory and buying some products; in addition to taking a souvenir and great product, you will help the local economy of many families in the area.

The accommodation options are very varied but we definitely recommend the fabulous ZOA Hotel, a boutique hotel that offers you a unique stay, merging modern luxury and natural landscapes its sure to make your trip to Mazunte unforgettable

Come to Mazunte and lose yourself in this hidden paradise!