Those who visit Oaxaca will tell you they never want to leave. A colonial city full of ancient treasures, great tourist attractions and truly unique and unparalleled gastronomy. Yet, if there’s one thing that really makes Oaxaca the perfect destination for travel, it would have to be its beaches. Puerto Escondido, Huatulco bays, Zipolite and Mazunte are some of the most beautiful and pristine beaches, full of golden sand and turquoise water, that you will find on the Oaxacan coast… truly idyllic scenes.

So, let yourself be carried away by the gentle sea breeze and escape to the 4 best beaches of Oaxaca.

  1. Mazunte, Unforgettable sunsets
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Playa Mazunte is a Mexican Magical Town “Pueblo Mágico” with incredible beaches and a charm that will envelop you from the first moment to the last. To think of Mazunte visualize golden sand, turquoise water and infinite peace – a true connection to beauty and nature. Yet even if it is a great place to unwind and soak up nature, there are several things to do in Mazunte to keep yourself busy. One of them is to take part in the releasing of turtles at the Mexican National Turtle Center; where you can also meet 3 of the 8 species of sea turtles, 9 fresh water turtles and 2 types of terrestrial or land turtles. Or visit La Ventanilla, where you can practice ecotourism at an ecological reserve with mangroves and crocodiles.

Mazunte, and especially Punta Cometa regularly boasts truly breathtaking sunsets. They say that if you go to Mazunte and you don’t visit Punta Cometa, it’s like you didn’t go at all. Its unique location on a protrusion so far out into the Pacific Ocean means incredible panoramic views of the sky and the sea to observe and enjoy unique sunsets and sunrises.

2. Puerto Escondido, the best place to surf

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Puerto Escondido is known for its exceptional fusion of culture, nature, nightlife and magical sunsets. Here, you will find the best beach for surfing: Zicatela. Thanks to its strong swell and perfect waves it has become the favorite place for all lovers of surfing. The sunset in this place is a visual feast; and with stunning waves, a great social vibe, and plucky surfers riding monsters in the background – there’s never a dull moment.

-Zicatela is considered the number one in Mexico to practicesurfing and the third in the world-

A must do in Puerto Escondido is its open air market – the Adoquin, where you can buy typical handicrafts from the regions many artisans or stay for dinner in any of its restaurants, where you will find some of Mexico’s best cuisine – no more burgers and club sandwiches by the pool – this is authentic bold Mexican flavor.

3. Zipolite, the beach of sin 😉

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Just 15 minutes from Mazunte and Huatulco, you will find Playa Zipolite, a nudist beach where many of its visitors say goodbye to modesty and enjoy the sea in complete freedom, as nature intended. Although it is a nudist beach, it is not mandatory, so it is common to see people in swimsuits walking along the beach.

Here, in the month of February they run a Nudist Festival, an event where national and foreign tourists gather to get carried away by nature, freedom and the beauty of their surroundings.

– If you want a more private experience, we recommend visiting Love Beach, a secret beach to practice nudism in all its splendor. –

For evening activities, you can visit one of the many bars and restaurants that are located both on the beach or on the main street, where you can enjoy the local gastronomy and drinks such as Mezcal and Mole.

4. Huatulco Bays – Discovery and exploration on a magical island-hopping adventure

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The Huatulco bays are a tourist destination with spectacular beaches, bays, viewpoints, as well as a wide variety of flora and fauna; and, thanks to its extensive nature and vegetation, it is considered a sustainable tourist destination.

In total, there are 9 bays with 36 beaches that make up Huatulco, so touring them is a magical and memorable experience. The most important is Santa Cruz, which has 3 beaches and a jetty where tours of the various bays are offered. In addition, it has a chapel (by the same name), public squares, a craft market and restaurants and bars for a bit of evening revelry. And for lovers of adventure, in Huatulco you can professionally practice watersports like snorkeling, jet skiing, fishing and sailing.

This beautiful bay will make you never want to leave. So, don’t miss the opportunity to get to know this magical place!

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Discover the pristine beaches of Oaxaca and let yourself be carried away by its magic! 

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