The Pacific coast of Mexico is one of the most frequented by national and international tourism. There are many beautiful beaches along the coast with various infrastructures, you will find the best option for you according to your vacation style.

Myrrha Yglesias

The most important beaches in Puerto Vallarta are Beach Shrimp, called precisely because of its prosperous fishing activity; It is located north of the city. Another well known is the High Waves Beach, which stretches from the river Cuale to the south, to the dock where the fishing boats dock. It is very popular for swimmers and national and local tourists. Sayulita Beach is the most popular place in the region for surfing.

Acapulco, known as the Pearl of the Pacific, offers entertainment and a lot of activities on its beaches. Pie de la Cuesta is known for its beautiful sunsets. The Revolcadero offers a magnificent view. The Roqueta is the ideal beach to swim and relax by the sea, but it´s also possible to take a boat trip to admire the underwater beauty of the sea. Contemplate the force of the sea in Beach Countess, where the best swimmers are measured against nature and let the wind guide you, whether you’re windsurfing or sailing.

Some of the beaches of Ixtapa are characterized by their calm waves, while others are known to have strong and violent waves, where it is possible to perform activities such as surfing and windsurfing. The beach of The Cats is a true tropical paradise that is worth visiting during your holidays. You can enjoy miles of spectacular coasts to spend a day with your family, walk along the seashore, relax or lose yourself with your partner in an idyllic landscape.

The south coast of the Mexican Pacific, in the state of Oaxaca, has 35 kilometers of coastline, along which stretch nine wonderful bays: San Agustin, Chachacual, Maguey, The Organo, Santa Cruz, Chahue, Tangolunda, Rabbits and Cacaluta; They are a combination of inlets, coves and coral reefs that offer diving lovers an unforgettable experience. The calm, crystalline and warm waters of Huatulco are suitable for a vacation of total relaxation. Zicatela Beach is ideally located to practice a variety of water sports such as surfing, parachuting and snorkeling. It is one of the most popular destinations for adrenaline lovers. Mazunte is a paradisiacal place where you can reconnect with nature enjoying the spectacular sunsets of Punta Cometa or seeing turtles in their natural environment.

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