Live an experience rich in culture and tradition that will make you feel at home being at Oaxaca.

Myrrha Yglesias

This colorful native festival originated before the Spanish conquest. Its name comes from the Zapotec “guendalizaa” which means to cooperate. It symbolizes not only the collaboration, but a complete attitude with which the love of each inhabitant is born to his brothers, a position of sharing nature and life. It is associated with a Christian festival in honor of the Virgin of the Carmen, which is why it takes place on the two Mondays closest to July 16. The event is characterized by demonstrating symbolic values of unity, brotherhood and fraternity.

This lively party comes from a prehispanic celebration dedicated to the corn goddess, Centéotl. The event is also known as Lunes del cerro (The Mondays of the Hill), since the center of the celebration is at the Fortín Hill. Folk groups from the eight regions of the state participate: from the Central Valleys, from La Cañada, from Papaloapan, from La Mixteca, from The Coast, from the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, as well as from the Northern Mountain and Southern Mountain. Each group presents its different dances, costumes, crafts and textiles, which have a great historical and cultural importance because they show the uses and customs of the different localities. 

All the dances are accompanied with live music from the different bands that exist in Oaxaca state. In the Feather Dance the men wear exquisitely decorated headdresses reminiscent of the Spanish conquest, accompanied by an exuberant soundtrack of rattles, flutes and drums. Each group throws gifts to the crowd at the end of their performance. Most musical ensembles are of wind. A variety of events are held as art exhibitions, parades, concerts, traditional dances, theatrical performances, conferences and sports competitions.

During the festival, which was declared a World Heritage Site, you will be able to enjoy the delicious typical dishes such as barbecue, cecina, chocolate, mole amarillo, mole negro, quesadillas, memelas, tamales, entomatadas, totomoxle, casserole bread, tlayudas, grasshoppers , enchiladas with tasajo, tamales, entomatadas, enmoladas, roast chorizo, champurrado, atole, tejate, coffee, tequila, as well as the mezcal, typical drink of the entity; typical sweets, ice creams and all products made from corn.

If you visit the Guelaguetza festival you can also discover the charm of the beautiful Oaxacan coast, reencounter with nature and take a break in these beautiful Pacific beaches with spectacular views, water activities and a coexistence with your natural environment that will make your trip a complete experience. Places like Mazunte or San Agustinillo will be the ideal option to live a complete experience of beautiful and quiet places to rest.


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