The beach is the favorite place for many people to rest and spend unforgettable vacations. Fortunately, the beautiful beaches of Oaxaca are perfect to enjoy the tranquility of the sea, eat some seafood by the sea and enjoy the warm weather of Oaxaca.

Mazunte, Oaxaca is a paradisiacal corner of the Pacific that has everything to make your holidays unforgettable, from water activities, ecotourism and adventure, to quieter activities such as yoga or contemplate unique sunsets.

For this reason, we share 5 reasons why Mazunte is the perfect place for your next vacation and also, we give you an idea about what to do in Mazunte:

  • Peace and tranquility in one place

For those who seek peace and tranquility, Mazunte is ideal place. Their outdoor spaces are perfect for meditating and practicing yoga in the company of the sound of the sea and birds; A unique experience if you want to connect with nature and find yourself. Also, what could be better than going to the sea to relieve stress and improve health. 

And, in the afternoon, how about watching a sunset at Punta Cometa? Upon arrival, you will feel the magic and tranquility of the place. When the sun begins to set, the yellow and orange tones of the sky are an impressive sight that will leave you mesmerized. Do not forget to take your camera so you can capture the perfect postcard!

  • The beauty of its crystal clear waters

Mazunte is an oasis in the middle of nature, just look at its incredible crystal clear waters with emerald and blue tones. Thanks to this, snorkeling is an excellent option to admire the marine biodiversity found at the bottom of the sea. Also, walking on its soft golden sand, while the sound of the waves lulls you … it’s like being in paradise. You can spend hours and hours sitting in front of the sea and watching the sunset.

  • Sustainable tourism 

If you are one of those who love ecological and friendly with the environment places, then Mazunte is for you. The various activities offered by Mazunte are dedicated to the preservation of the flora and fauna of the place, among which stand: the release of the turtles, the ecotourism activities in La Ventanilla, touring the Turtle Museum or visiting the sanctuary of the crocodiles that are in danger of extinction, with the aim of knowing more about this species.

In addition, its inhabitants promote the development of natural products to boost the sustainable development, an example of this is the factory of natural cosmetics.

  • Safe place to vacation

If there’s anything that characterizes Mazunte as a perfect destination for travelers, it’s its safety. Being a small town, there are no big shops; actually, they opt for local commerce. This greatly helps the growth of the place, making it a totally safe place to vacation.

  • Cozy town 

The beauty of Mazunte is its people; always warm, friendly and hospitable … ready to make you feel at home. We assure you that if you need any recommendation about hotels in Mazunte, what activities you can do or where to eat in Mazunte, the locals will be willing to guide you to make your stay a pleasant experience.

Mazunte, Oaxaca is known for its beautiful beaches of golden sand and turquoise water, plus you can witness the release of turtles, attend the International Jazz Festival or visit the nearby mangroves. There are various activities you can do in the region or take a trip to nearby beaches such as San Agustinillo, Zipolite or Huatulco.

No matter what your plans are, Mazunte has prepared a lot of activities for you to enjoy your vacation like never before.

Still do not know where to stay? ZOA Hotel is your option to complete a unique experience where the luxury and naturalness merge to make your trip along the Oaxacan coast unforgettable.