Soft golden sand, emerald water and palm trees that sway with the wind, while you hear the sound of the birds … that’s how the beaches of Oaxaca are. Some time ago, the best beaches to rest were concentrated in the Caribbean; however, the Oaxacan coast, which includes Bahias de Huatulco, Zipolite, Mazunte and Puerto Escondido, is a dream place and has become a luxury destination where the best experiences are lived.

If you still do not know the Oaxacan coast, we give you some reasons to visit it and live an exclusive experience:

Paradise beaches 

The soft golden sand contrasts perfectly with the turquoise sea and the sound of the waves. Its virgin beaches, little explored, mix nature and exclusivity to make your holidays unforgettable. The beautiful beaches of Oaxaca are perfect for those looking to relax and for those who wish to venture into an adventure in the depths of the sea.

On the Oaxacan coast, you will find resorts that offer “all inclusive” experiences and boutique hotels full of comfort and services of the highest quality; as is ZOA Hotel, a space that offers elegant and unique world-class experiences.

Zoa hotel boutique Oaxaca

The best sunsets

Contemplate a breathtaking sunset is the best therapy to relax, forget the urban chaos and connect with nature. Can you imagine sitting in the sand while you only listen to the sound of the sea and contemplate for hours the beautiful landscape without feeling the pass of time? It sounds fantastic and few have the opportunity to experience it.

In Punta Cometa or Cerro Sagrado, located in Mazunte, Oaxaca is the perfect place where the sky and the sea come together to have a panoramic view of the Pacific and to be able to live this experience.

Source: ZOA Hotel

Delicious gastronomy

If there is something that characterizes Oaxaca is its food, and if we combine it with ingredients from the sea, it becomes a delight for the palate. A wide variety of dishes made from fish and seafood or dishes with typical ingredients of the Oaxacan cuisine such as tlayudas, mole, saalsas, cecina, tamales or cheese.

From elegant restaurants where innovative dishes are elaborated that fuse local ingredients and recipes from the region to offer you exquisite original flavors of Oaxaca, to simple places where their typical dishes will give you a unique culinary experience.

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The Oaxacan coast offers all the comforts of a luxury trip, but merged with nature, mixing perfectly the natural beauty of its beaches with picturesque surroundings and incomparable gastronomy; its warm climate and crystal clear waters will invite you to stay forever.

There is a great variety of places and attractions to visit in Oaxaca and if you still do not know where to stay, ZOA Hotel is the perfect option to make your stay a luxury one.

An oasis in the middle of nature