Mazunte is not just any other beach, Mazunte is a remote and exclusive place that has gradually become the perfect destination for all those who want to relax and connect with nature, without losing the comfort and luxury of quality amenities. 

Free from big chains or resorts, Mazunte bets on boutique hotels that provide a private luxurious experience. They are hotels that blend the biodiversity of the Pacific coast of Oaxaca with high class finishes and service to offer a complete world-class holiday.

– Mazunte is one of the best beaches in Oaxaca and is ideal for those looking to get away from mass tourism –

Mazunte is a sea side paradise full of nature, golden sand, turquoise water and the best sunsets. Imagine waking up with the sound of waves breaking, birds chirping in the trees and seeing a turquoise sea and in the distance kissed by glowing golden sand.

ZOA Hotel Secreto Mazunte Oaxaca
Source: ZOA Hotel

Unlike other more well-known destinations, where tourism is wholesale and large hotels cater to all their guests with the same blanket approach, in Mazunte most boutique hotels offer a more personalized approach to service that helps to elevate people’s experience. Whether it’s being greeted with a glass of wine or some typical Oaxacan culinary treats prepared by a top regional chef, they are always taking pride in making you feel comfortable, as if you were at home.

Source: ZOA Hotel

Relax and enjoy

Mazunte is a place that combines nature with luxury and quality services. There’s nothing better than pampering yourself in a spa while you listen to the sea breeze. A relaxing massage with hot stones and exfoliating oils is ideal to relax the body, the senses and the soul. In Mazunte, you will experience a unique immersion into 

nature, combined with meditation and yoga techniques for a full connection and sense of wellness. From the first moment you breathe that fresh clean air from this paradise beach, you will feel complete tranquility, your worries slipping further and further away with each breath.

Source: ZOA Hotel

Playa Mazunte itself has a calm a gentle swell, making swimming in the sea very pleasant and accessible to the whole family. You will feel like you are floating in your own private giant pool – with just the odd jumping fish to break the spell. 

Without a doubt, Mazunte is one of the best beaches of the Oaxacan coast; it is a secret gem, a world-class paradise destination that will satisfy and even exceed your expectations.

If you still do not know where to stay, we recommend ZOAHotel, a boutique hotel that offers guests a unique stay, merging luxury and nature in an unforgettable way with the help of a great team of staff that genuinely care about their guests, and do all they can to make you feel at home.

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Come to Mazunte, where luxury and nature are one and the same